When you become a member of Americana Music Association Australia (AMAA) you help us all work together to support the musicians, managers, promoters, venues, media, festivals, professional services, audiences and Americana music lovers that make up our vibrant community. 

Through supporting our not-for-profit music association you will be supporting a dedicated team  working to connect artists to an appreciative audience, not only in Australia, but around the world.


Member Benefits

We are continually seeking and developing benefits for AMAA members. We’d love to hear your ideas about growing the list of benefits available to our members. So if you need something or have an idea please share it with us at

Member benefits include

We keep members connected with the latest happenings, events, industry news, and opportunities through our email updates, website and Facebook page.
Resources and advice
If you’re looking for a list of venues to help plan a tour, festival opportunities and applications, funding opportunities, radio and media support, studios with an ear for Americana; then the AMAA offers its members listings and databases to help you connect with all facets of our community.
We know that bringing people together helps grow our community. We will provide our members with networking opportunities through AMAA events and ensuring Americana music has a strong presence in the broader Australian music industry. We will increase awareness of the AMAA outside of Australia, with a particular focus of partnership opportunities in the USA and the UK.
Work continuously on marketing and promoting the excellence and opportunities our community offers, through events, website promotion and online playlists
We help to create official showcase opportunities to benefit artists and audiences.
We work to ensure that Americana music is recognised as much as possible within media and the broader music industry.